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SHA-LA-LA (the debut release). What does it mean? Absolutely nothing? Or is it because it is indescribable? Let's just say you'll Sha-la-la-LOVE IT. 11 Great songs. No fillers. all SINGLE worthy.

The 11 hooky rock'n'roll songs are your introduction to LES FABIAN, singer songwriter. In the mix of up beat rock and roll,you'll even find some attention grabbing ballads.

ALREADY, various tracks from this debut album have seen Canadian and International radio play.The momentum is growing and the CD requests are piling up. Make sure to order yours A.S.A.P.

LES FABIAN has many artists that are his favorites and as well influential to his song writing style. Some of these artists are: U2, INXS, Elvis,Tom Jones, even Dean Martin, just to name a few. LES has often been compared Internationally to "Bryan Adams meets Bono and U2".

Les Fabian spent his beginnings touring as a cover act and began to feel the "overplayed and tired" feeling that far too many cover acts tend to feel. Therefore, he decided to retire from that scene and record his own music. And now it is available to you.

Now, if you want to see LES FABIAN live, you must take the opportunity when it comes your way. LES FABIAN only performs at VERY SELECTIVE engagements. So don't miss one or you WILL be very disappointed if you do.

Listen for Les Fabian on your favorite radio stations. And if you can't hear it, REQUEST IT. After all, it is you the fan,that makes it all happen.