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"i was given your CD as a gift. I listened to it over and over and over as I drove to B.C. I just LOVE it.Thanks for writing such great music....
fan - Jill

"..I came across your song,T.M.D. at mp3.com....coool tune... Finally some good rock and roll in this world...
fan - Mark

"...I love the disc and the web site...can't wait to catch a live show...
fan - Arthur

"My boyfriend and I were fighting last week.As we were driving around we had your cd playing in the car.When we heard the song THE WAY I FEEL, it struck a nerve with both of us.... we made up and it is now OUR SONG. We can't thank you enough..."
fan - Cheryl

".. love the CD. It reminds me of U2 when they were more rock'n'roll...
fan - Jerry

"I got your CD for Christmas from my cousin. I can't stop listening to it...Every song is soooooo good...
fan - Lisa

"I was listening to your disc in my room and my dad asked what I was listening to.He said it was so good that he couldn't believe we had that kind of talent in our city..
fan - Marianne